GASKET PLATES: Standard contalik rubber sheets, rubber sheet the most economical type. The expectation of physical or chemical is used in areas where resistance is low. Available in a range of 2 mm to 12 mm thickness.Fabric-reinforced rubber or pure rubber in sheet form may be.

LATEX SHEET: Latex bed sheets, the best plate is a variation of physical strength.500 mm x 500 mm and under production is easier. They can be manufactured up to 1000 x 2000 mm. 1200 mm wide, endless, and diaper-diapers for the production of it is possible.

NBR SHEET: NBR (nitrile) Sheets, oils and fuels good resistance to a variety known as plate. 500 mm x 500 mm and under production is easier. They can be manufactured up to 1000 x 2000 mm. 1200 mm wide, endless, and diaper – diapers for the production of it is possible.


Rubber Profiles, EPDM , NBR , NR , FKM , SBR ,IR , CR  of infinite size can be produced in various materials such as silicon .

White goods, automotive and rubber in various sectors such as construction and specifications in the different areas of the profile produces. If desired, fireproof (flame resistant), insulator (dielectric) plane, surface coated, Drawstring, dual component, etc. the black color also any color except standard production color special customer requests, customer-specific shapes we are able to produce .

  • Aluminum curtain wall profiles
  • Dishwasher door gasket
  • Dilatation profiles
  • Natural gas clamp tire profiles
  • Integrated seals
  • Door seals
  • The vault door fuses
  • Seismic cable road tires
  • Sponge profiles
  • Shock Absorber support profiles
  • Rubber and sponge hoses
  • Wicks and dual component


Rubber bellows often moving pistons, shafts, tubes, dust, fluid, shock of external factors such as they are used as a preservative. Air and non-aggressive they are suitable for fluid transitions. Mostly the normal rubber types of rubber bellows. In addition, nitrile (NBR), EPDM, Neoprene (CR) silicone (VMQ), and so on types of rubber can be manufactured according to the environment and working conditions. It can be custom manufactured for aggressive fluids.

Suggestion according to the operating conditions of your system that you want to use rubber bellows in place and the system audit can be performed.

Cover Taps

Rubber plug, standard iron pipe sizes and are sized according to their profile. Acid pool reinforced stainless plugs. Oil ,fuel, and detergents which are resistant to manufacturing special plugs. Heat resistant silicone plugs. Quoted patterned channel or rubber stoppers.

Valve stem seals vary according to the material basis of use, some of them cover silicone gasket,rubber gasket,EPDM gasket,rubber gasket,etc are manufactured in desired dimensions and specifications for further information you can contact them.


Gaskets are used to provide sealing and insulation. Industrial parts used to prevent leakage of any substance between active and inactive. Main application areas of the elastic gasket; machine manufacturing industry, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas, fuel oil, steam, hot water, hot oil, etc is located where fluids such as heating, cooling systems, electrical and electronic industries cover gaskets, boiler and small home appliances, shipbuilding industry, bolt, teflon washers-manhole cover gaskets, pharmaceutical factories, odorless sealing materials, detergent plants, acid and chemical resistant seals, liquid and gas transmission facilities, high-pressure steam plants, sound and vibration isolation applications that require milk, chocolate, olive oil, beverages, etc. elastic silicone sealing gasket epdm suitable for food odorless and is used in production Burner, exhaust gas, hot water, high temperature furnaces used in klingerit graphite gaskets