Pumice; volcanic lava cools rapidly after, an ample spongy porous material from a structure perhydroisoquinoline. Porous weight 850kg / m3 through gaps in the structure of this natural material have high thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Pumice this feature allows the bitter cold of winter, and in summer provides high isolation in the scorching heat. For the iziksel and chemical properties provide unique benefits in agricultural use.

Pumice alone, especially in regulating the drainage of clay soils and is used to improve the development of the roots. Its pores, while helping to tighten and loosen the soil aeration, positive effect on the development of plant roots.

• In landscape applications,

• The growing ornamental plants,

• In the construction sector (thin material)

• Poultry farms as a base (thin material)

• Barbecues are used as the lava stone grill.

The slow release of antimicrobial regulates natural gübredir.toprag do for Earth enables to breathe, preventing salinization. Irrigation reduces the need to provide drainage of excess water. The plants affected by climate change, and ensures that have healthy strong roots.

Such as Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the world’s many parts, including countries such as America and Japan, provide a more sound and heat insulation in order to superior insulation properties, with lightness and qualities such as earthquake resistance for more than a century pumice products are used.