Commercial Services

We are here to save you from the effort. We deal with various manufacturers to find you the most suitable one. We choose the best available shipment for you. We get rid of all these unnecessary efforts and come to you with one invoice, one shipping, one customs clearence and one company to deal with. In the end, what we do is to save you from the costs and the waste of time. With a simplistic approach, we give you more profit with less effort.

Transport Services

We are always offering you the best and optimal solutions for transportation. No matter if it is Land, Sea or Air. We are always dedicated to bring you the best prices and the best transportation opportunities. To ensure this. We are always in touch with our trusted transportation companies so we can satisfy our clients.

Insurance Services

With our connection with the most trustable insurance companies in the sector, we are able to provide you with all kinds of insurance needs and ensure that you are protected against all kinds of risks. We create many different kinds of insurance policies on business, residential, transport & communication covering liability, transportation, property & residential, and earthquake. Running as your agent, we cooperate with various insurance companies. and also inform and track down all damages under service. At the same time, we create a dataflow on the contents of transportation policies and other policies of our clients.