Grouting Mortar

Product Definition: Cement based grout for 1 to 6 mm joints.

Application Areas: Interior floor and wall grouting of ceramic tiles, marble, natural, stone glass mosaics, for 1-6 mm joints.

Packaging: 20 kg multi-ply paper bags, 1 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg polyethylene bags.

Quality Documents: TS EN 13888, Class CG2A
C: Cementitious
G: Grout
2: Improved
A:High Abrasion Resistance

Waterproofing and Concrete Protection Mortar

Product Definition:  Rapid curing, highly fl exible and durable waterproofi ng and concrete protection mortar for interior and exterior applications, composed of emulsion polymer based liquid and waterproofi ng,
workability improving mineral additives and special elements containing powder components.

Application Areas: 

  • Waterproofing of sub-basements.
  • Waterproofing of underground concrete elements like foundations, retaining walls, basement walls.
  • Waterproofing of the soil contacting areas of concrete elements.

Packaging: Powder component: 15 kg. multi-ply paper bags, Liquid component: 10 lt. drums.

Repairing Mortar

Product Definition: Indoor and outdoor rendering and levelling mortar walls, floors and ceilings in thickness from 1 to 5 mm

Application Areas: 

  • Smoothening walls prior to restoration, ceramic tiles installation and painting.
  • Smoothening and filling hairy cracks on the surfaces of foamed cement, concrete, brick walls.
  • Repairing old, damaged renders, concrete up to 1-5 mm

Packaging: 25 kg multi-ply paper bags.

Quality Documents: Non-structural repair mortar conforming
TS EN 1504-3 / Class R2.