White Cement

is Europe's 1st and World's 2nd Cement Exporter

CEM I 52,5 R – White Portland Cement

Usage Area: It is a cement with the highest strength in Turkey preferred in more than 50 countries. With the superior strength characteristics it has, it provides far more strength beyond grey cements and it is primarily preferred by especially precast producers. It is preferred in the building chemicals sector for both its superior adhesive strength and also high level of whiteness.

Technical Features: It was produced for the first time in Turkey by Çimsa and it provides high strength thanks to the min. 85 whiteness it has.

Sector-Specific Advantages: It is preferred in the building chemicals and precast sector for both dosage advantage provided by high strength and also by the early manufacturing advantage. High whiteness level adds value to the products

Selling Type: Bag, Casting

CEM II / B-L 42,5 R – Portland Calcareous Cement

Usage Area:  It is obtained from super cement and calcerous’ unique combination. Thanks to the highly pure marble used in its content, it is the cement with the highest whiteness level in Turkey. It is particularly used in production of building chemicals.

Technical Features:  It is the cement of Turkey that has the highest level of whiteness. It has high and final strength.

Sector-Specific Advantages: With the highest whiteness level it has, it allows manufacturing value added building chemicals products; in precast applications, it increases processability time by its long setting time.

Selling Type: Bag, Bulk