Column Formworks

Column Formwork System consists of imported closed cross-section profiles, 120×60 mm in dimension. Fresh concrete compression resistance of the system is 80 kN/m2.Square and rectangular column formworks at desired size with 5 cm increments can be obtained practically with FS MAX 80 adjustable Multi Panels.

 • Panels are manufactured automatically with robots.

• Panels are carried by Crane to ensure fast formwork circulation.

• Panels do not need assembly and they are ready to be used; without assembly preparation cost.

• Panels can be locked at every point, thanks to outer profile and connection clamp.

• Formwork assembly and disassembly labor is low.

• Column formworks in every desired dimension can be obtained by using standard panels in different widths and lengths horizontally and vertically.

• Panels can be interlocked with a single hammer blow, thanks to the special connection clamp.

• Cast steel corners facilitate disassembly of the panel and protects the panel against blows from, levers and sledgehammers during panel dissambly phase.