Wall Formworks

It is the most ideal solution for creating large concrete surfaces. It is suitable for all kinds of rough jobs the construction site might require, such as curtain walls and retaining walls. Panel Formwork System consists of 120*60 mm closed cross-section imported profiles. Fresh concrete compression resistance of the system is 80 kN/m2.

  • Square and rectangular column formworks at desired dimensions with 5 cm increments are obtained practically with adjustable panels.
  • A fast formwork circulation is ensured by carrying the panels by crane.
  • Panels are reasy for use and they do not have any preparation costs like wooden formworks.
  • Wall and column formworks are obtained in all kinds of dimensions are obtained by using standard panels at various width and length horizontally and vertically.
  • Formwork installation and uninstallation labor is low.
  • Panels can be locked every point, thanks to outer profile and clamping system.
  • Panels are interlocked with a hammer, thanks to a special connection clamp.
  • Cast steel corner blocks facilitate dismantling of the panels and ensures protection against strikes from levers and sledgehammers.